Commercial Management System.

The Commercial Department is the most visible department, and is usually called the earning and marketing department. The earnings from sale of tickets and transportation of goods, luggage and parcels which are booked and delivered.


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To achieve this, it has to maximise satisfaction to the customers through creation of suitable facilities, provision of amenities for the users, proper up-keep of the stations and other working places from the point of view of the customers, measures for speedy transportation, safe delivery of goods etc. Therefore, comes in direct contact with the public. Needless to say that for carrying out these various functions this department has to maintain a close liaison with the other railway departments.


Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (Sr.DCM) is the head of the Commercial Branch at divisional level. In discharging his duties, presently he is assisted by two Divisional Commercial Managers (DCMs) and two Assistant Commercial Manager (ACM).