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THE PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT The Public Relations Department of Vijayawada Division is one of the vital departments that represents the face of the Division in reaching out to the rail users. The PR Department is entrusted with the task of disseminating information about rail services, policies, schemes, programmes and events through the different medium of mass communication covering radio, television, press, social media, printed publicity like booklets; posters including through traditional modes of communication etc.

KEY FUNCTIONS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT Effectively communicate details on train services. Carries information on various updates on policy changes affecting rail users. Effectively disseminate information using mass media. Creates awareness among the people particularly among the rail users on safety during train travel. Gives feed back to the Administration from Press, Prepare Press Clippings. Designs publications such as calendars, booklets pamphlets, posters and others. Disseminating policies and programmes of the Ministry of Railways through Print, Electronic Media advertisements, exhibitions, publications, traditional media and others. Production of documentaries on famous personalities/Success Stories/Departmental Achievements. Organizes press meets/events for inaugurations. Coordinates with media and provides press coverages to official functions and programmes.

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